Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trouble is A Friend lyric - Lenka

Intro: Am Em-G-Am (4x)

Am                 Em-G-Am                Em - G - Am  Em-G-Am Em-G-Am
Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh.
                   Em-G-Am                     Em-G-Am   Em-G-Am Em-Am-G
No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow, oh oh.
                                               Am   Em-G-Am  Em-Am-G
The eye of the storm and the cry in the morn, oh oh.
Your fine for a while but then start to loose control.

Chorus 1:
He's there in the dark,
he's there in my heart,
he waits in the winds
he's gotta play a part.
Trouble is a friend,
     C                      G
yeah trouble is a friend of mine. oh oh!

Am Em-G-Am (2x)

Am                   Em-G-Am            Em-G-Am  Em-G-Am Em-G-Am
Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe, oh oh.
                    Em-G-Am                         Em-G-Am  Em-G-Am Em-Am-G 
And no matter what I feed him he always seems to grow, oh oh.
                                            Am     Em-G-Am Em-Am-G
He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh.
So don't forget as you ease on down the road.

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Chorus 2:
     C                     G
So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm.
   Am                          Em
I won't let him win, but im a sucker for his charm.
Trouble is a friend,
     C                       G
yeah trouble is a friend of mine. Oh oh!

F                                    Am  Em-G-Am Em-G
Oh how I hate the way he makes me feel.
F                                    G
And how I try to make him leave; I try.
Oh Oh I try!

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Oh, Oh.

End: Am Em-G-Am (8x)


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